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Started: 03/19/2018
Estibot Domain Appraisal Tool (Our Affiliate Link and Estibot Explanation) Estibot is, in my opinion, an amazing set of tools that meets a domain investors needs with everything from automated domain appraisals, which are made from using statistical data

  from past sales of similar domains and general market info, to tools that help you find leads/contacts for possible buyers for your domains! The automated appraisals tend to be more of a general guide or idea for pricing, not so much a literal market interpretation, however they are excellent for getting a general idea of a particular domain(s) value. Estibot also offers professional appraisals by their well-experienced and knowledgeable staff here.
The primary highlight about the automated appraisals, to me, is the fact it also compares and displays broad and exact monthly search amounts for the domain you are appraising, which you can use to get a good general idea of the kind of current or easily translatable domain traffic to be expected from a particular domain name.

Estibot offers a wide range of different domain investing assistance, from a lead generator tool (which will locate relevant email/contacts info for domains searched in the lead gen tool) to general market trend info, expired domain listings (great for finding domains with good page rank, backlinks, etc at much lower than market value oftentimes), domain and word parsers, domain appraisal, WhoIs records, and much more.
All in all it depends on what you need and want in terms of domain/website investing tools, and there are many options out there for free or cheap that perhaps perform similarly, however using a reliable and well-established name like Estibot (a quick Google search will show you) is an obviously wise move when looking for tools that you require accuracy, trustworthiness, and privacy from (they allow you to use cached or live data, which can be very helpful if researching domains to register without wanting the name to hit the market from being typed-in).
The link is an affiliate (referral) link, which means TalkTradeTLDs receives a commission, which is always appreciated and intended for use in the expansion of our general educational network, server costs, and donations to assist others. Here is Estibot's pricing list, with monthly being the main payment option.
They just recently released the fully functioning beta of their new site, which I find to be a very intuitive, crisp, and helpful upgrade both in terms of tool accessibility and general site functionality. Their 3 standard plans are 49.95/month (intermediate status, lots of searches, 25 leads able to generate daily, and more), 99$/month for advanced (all the benefits of intermediate with LOTS more searches + more), 149$/monthly for their expert option (which comes with all prior benefits plus a whole ton of stuff, honestly, I suggest at least having a look at it to get an idea what is offered; is a very solid investment for the right investors. I do NOT recommend getting the advanced or expert package if you are new to domaining or do not need more than a basic amount of searchs, as it would be an unneccessary expense if you are not properly implementing it's full potential!)
For most casual users, people new to domaining, and those who are able to get by on a lesser amount of searches there is the (new from Estibot with release of their beta) novice account here for 29$/monthly, and not only does it come with plenty (for most people) of searches, most of the tools (including the automatic appraisal tool), and other domain researching tools but they offer 5 leads generated daily, which is very nice!
As you know, I do not and will not recommend anything i don't believe in, and have and will keep a current Estibot account regardless of whether or not I make affiliate profits. That being said, Estibot does offer a recurring benefit to referrals, so send us a message with relevant signup time/email name and we will give you a special gift (a domain name, random guest posting, free website hosting for a year, and more!) when you first sign up and every 2 months from then on out!
Thank you for reading, hope you are well and wishing you happy travels,

-Professor Domain
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Feel free to contact us for more info or to discuss advertising space, thank you and be well!
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