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What is https? (green lock on the search bar)

Hello everyone, Professor Domain here!

It has come to my attention that the

'Transport Layer Security – and its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer', also known as httpS, which shows on your search bar as a green lock, is sort of an untouched topic as far as information for the regular internet user is concerned, so i thought i would shed some light on the subject, and why it is so crucial for any business online (and really anyone with an online presence) to ensure to fully implement it!…

Legitimately Backlinking your site?

Have you ever wondered how to get backlinks that are quality, not spam-associated and that are actually relevant? For those of you wondering what a backlink is, they are links to (or from) your site that increase your general ranking with search engines, and help increase traffic, legitimacy, and oftentimes visitor traffic to your site!
As far as acquiring these mysterious backlinks,…

Articles About Art

This will be where we post art pictures, news, and other related information from artists all over the world!


Hello everyone! The site is well on it's way to proper optimization and full functionality! Today we are ensuring the topics on the the forums are placed back and set in order, as well as designating certain areas on the site for different activities and learning courses we will be making available. Thank you and be well!

New format, new features for y'all!

With the new layout we have implemented for the forums it has become apparent that we can build so much more than just a forums and informational index, but rather can fully establish a proper and thriving community. Our focus remains on internet topic education for everyone, and for starters we have added loads of customization and otherwise convenient options for our members here at…

Forum Overhaul In Action!

Hello everyone and welcome to the redesigned TalkTradeTLDs website. We have been working up a new and fresh view to the site, and hope that everyone likes it :]
Some new functionalities include more account customization, proper image and file uploading, as well as plenty of new and exciting features, such as our new personal blogging feature, which will allow ALL members to have their own blog hosted right here for free on TalkTradeTLDs! As always, account signup for TalkTradeTLDs is free and open to everyone, so invite your friends…