Legitimately Backlinking your site?

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Have you ever wondered how to get backlinks that are quality, not spam-associated and that are actually relevant? For those of you wondering what a backlink is, they are links to (or from) your site that increase your general ranking with search engines, and help increase traffic, legitimacy, and oftentimes visitor traffic to your site!
As far as acquiring these mysterious backlinks, oftentimes the ones being offered are from spammy places, or otherwise NOT legit methods of backlinking, including many questionable advertising and otherwise shady tactics that will most likely get you banned from being included AT ALL in most legitimate websites.
So how do you get backlinks that aren't questionable?
Well, among certain paid services there are quite a few options actually for legitimately building your SEO (search engine optimization) and I recommend thoroughly researching any such company, and probably cross-comparing it with others, before deciding to hire any one in particular however.
BUT there are a few really great, fairly simple options that allow you to be listed, assuming you are not spammy or have bad intentions, with little to no difficulty on at least a few reputable sites that can help (over-time) establish the legitimacy of your site!
First and foremost, and our prime example for today, is a site called SmallSEOTools, which has an incredible amount of (free!) tools that are clearly made by someone who wants to help others succeed. Their backlink maker can you help you get established legitimately, simply enter your domain(s) name into their tool and it will let you know if it is able to be placed onto a listing or not, as well as offering a free and super-easy way to increase the value of your domain!

Be well everyone, and have a good one.
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