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Helpful links to useful resources related to domains, for instance like tools for valuing or locating the owners of them, other helpful downloads/links/info, etc.

Having trouble pricing your domains?

While nothing is fool-proof or guaranteed, there have evolved some various estimation tools for helping understand the possible value of your domains. Now, even bearing in mind that these are mostly just automated guesses, they are still very helpful for understanding domain value, giving a comparative price for you to think about, and in general providing at least some sort of average based on previous recorded/reported sales. Basically what all automated tools should be considered to do is give a generalized idea of what has been paid and reported for a domain's name history (especially if they primarily focus on past sales data) because many domain name sales are private both in price and owner data.
We also would be happy to help with valuing domains, simply come visit us on the public appraisal forums for free estimations by the community!
As a side note, expect all links from myself to be for sites that are HTTPS (SSL secured) unless otherwise stated, I mention this because I believe we should all strive together to make the internet safer and more accessible to and for everyone.
If you are ever unsure about a link, you can check what is stated when you hover your mouse over it, or you can select "copy" on the link, go to a new browser tab (or notepad!), and paste but NOT go and then before accessing a site are able to check the address being offered to you.
To start off, here are some link(s) for helpful articles about domain name pricing-

-Domain name automated pricing tools-

GoDaddy's Price Tool = Relatively new but seems to be a decent contender among the automated evaluators, it primarily seems to draw on recent sales data to gather an estimated price for a domain name. Also, it's free! Now, they are a registrar, do offer upsells, and have limited time with this tool in action, however I personally find them to be a very good company.
GoDaddy Pricing Tool

Estibot = They have been around for quite a while, with a mixed sort of opinion seeming to stand. While their appraisal tool is free, Estibot also has some paid services, which i have as of yet not been able get around to testing, such as lead generators (for names of potential buyers, etc.) as well as more domain related lookups. I think the tool is certainly a good way to get an idea of what you might can expect a domain name's value to be based on recorded data.
Estibot Appraisal Tool

FreEvaluator = Has a free valuation tool, a domain name generator, and some other nifty stuff too. Pretty nice site, helpful and fairly well-established.
Free Valuator Appraisal Tool

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